Do Goldfish Eat Their Egg, Babies?

Even after having a pair of goldfish in your aquarium for the longest time, have you ever wondered why the number of fish in the tank didn’t increase? Why there is no offspring of your pet pair?

Well, there is a good reason behind it. Goldfish eat their eggs. Even after, somehow, you manage to hatch the eggs, they will eat the fry and won’t let any offspring grow up.

Isn’t there anything you could do to protect the eggs or the fry?

If you want to have more goldfish out of the pair, you must always remove the parent fish from the tank as soon as they lay eggs. This will keep the pair from eating the eggs and give them enough time to hatch and grow.

Once the baby goldfish are all grown, you can transfer the parents again to the tank. 

Sophia Rosa
Sophia Rosa

Sophia is a professional marine author having expert knowledge and practical experience in fish, fishing in aquariums, aquarium plants, etc. She is passionate about helping other people by sharing her expert knowledge on fish & fish keeping.

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